5 Key B2B Sales Trends to Remember in 2022

5 Key B2B Sales Trends to Remember in 2022
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The B2B sales ecosystem is ever-evolving. Sellers now understand that their buyers are in the driver's seat: they demand valuable, accessible materials to make the right decision for their business. We decided to explore this idea further and found 5 key trends to bear in mind in 2022.

April 6, 2022

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Covid’s Lasting Impact on Sales

The pandemic triggered a lasting change to remote work in general and the world of sales. 70% of B2B decision-makers now prefer remote interactions. This means that B2B sales experience a fundamental push towards digitalisation - 80% of B2B sales interactions will happen via digital channels by 2025. B2B sales organisations should accept that remote work is here to stay. Organisations need to double down on their digital communication tools both internally and externally with their clients to ensure a smooth transition.


Since buyers have more opportunities in evaluating different options (75% of buyers spend more time researching), buyers now expect B2C-like sales transactions, looking for simplicity and personalisation. B2B sales teams have to provide a personalised, intuitive, and simple buying experience.

Increase in Value-based Selling

77% of B2B buyers describe their last purchase as 'very difficult'. This change in buyer behaviour, caused by technological progress and digitalisation, lead to a shift from focusing on solution and product to focusing more on the value experienced. B2B sales teams need to convey value throughout the entire sales process.

Buyers are Taking Back Control

Buyers now have a desire for higher independence. The buyers complete 60% of the buying process before engaging with a vendor, and 33% of B2B buyers even desire a seller-free sales experience. This means that companies should focus more on product-driven sales, with the product at the center of sales, driving acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Upgrade your Sales Analytics

According to Gartner, 60% of B2B organisations will transition to data-driven selling by 2025. This confirms the fact that data enables sales. Thus, sales leaders need to invest in data in order to measure engagement and leverage them to increase personalisation and, in the end, conversion.

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